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Your product or service will be mentioned in one of our DIY tutorials or blog posts, with up to 3 of your chosen links. The general subject of the tutorial could be arranged before depending on the target audience of your interest. Links are all do-follow and permanent on the website.
Needed: link
Fee: ask for a quote


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Your product or service will be included to moodboards, in listings of “our fave” items or suggested in one of our “fashion spot“. Links are all do-follow and permanent on the website.
Needed: high res picture & link
Fee: ask for a quote


Product Placement

Your product will be used as part of the decor elements inside the shooting of tutorials. Depending on the type of item, it may be used in the final shots (3 to 5 images) or in the making of pictures.
Needed: product
Fee: free, but we reserve the right to accept/decline the product (just check with us before sending)


Sponsored DIY/tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial featuring one of your products. This could featured a hack, an embellishment, a different way of refurbishing or re-using an object, how to style something and so on. A great example is the tutorial we made for TOMS shoes, adding cute lace decor elements for an alternative wedding on the beach. The entire post is completely yours so you can publish it to your site or blog in any solution you prefer. Post will be shared on our social media channels and through the newsletter.
Needed: product
Fee: ask for a quote


Sidebar Banner

Sidebar banner size 300x250px, fixed for 30 days. The banner is visible on the blog roll page (here) + all internal blog posts.
Needed: banner graphics
Fee: ask for a quote


Newsletter banner or product showcase

Our newsletter is sent out to 3k readers everytime a new blog posted is published (usually twice a week). You can vew it here.
Your banner can be added at the bottom instead of the one you see in the example, fixed for one month.  If you’re not into banners but would like us to recommend your product it could be added to the “our fave of the month” column.
Fee: ask for a quote

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